Judicial Philosophy

The role of a judge is to interpret the law – not invent it. Judges should defer to democratic processes that result in the creation of laws by legislatures and not attempt to impose their policy preferences in their decisions. It is essential to our system of justice to have independent judges who will apply the law impartially, free of political agendas.

Safer Communities

One of the most important jobs of a Circuit Court Judge is to keep the community safe. I grew up in the City of Milwaukee and have resided in Milwaukee County most of my life. Like many families, my family and I have experienced crime first hand. I am committed to the safety of every person who lives, works or goes to school in Milwaukee County. Children’s Court is housed within the Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center. Vel Phillips served the community as an attorney, judge and Wisconsin’s Secretary of State and advocated for fair but just treatment of juvenile offenders. As a Children’s Court Judge, I strive to ensure that juvenile offenders will be held accountable for their actions while receiving services designed to deter them from committing offenses as adults in our community.

Stronger Families  

Optimized-strobertsschoolAs a Judge serving in Children’s Court, I am dedicated to protecting children in our community and keeping families together, whenever possible. Every day I hear cases involving children who need protection from abuse and neglect at critical times in their lives. I am dedicated to protecting these children at need in our community. When children are removed from their homes for their own protection, I strive to keep siblings together, under the care of other willing and able family members when parents cannot provide their children with the care they need.